2019 Bond Proposal/Updates

January 2020 Bond Update

In May of 2019, the Huron School District Family passed a bond issue in order to make much needed improvements to the school district facilities, buildings, and grounds. Since the passage and sale of the bonds, district representatives have been meeting with architects and construction managers to plan the different construction/renovation phases and to get the work out for bid.

I wanted to take a moment to communicate the different phases of the projects that are being planned and implemented for the students and families in the Huron School District. This update should give you an accurate understanding of the different construction/renovation phases, proposed timelines, and project parameters. As we get closer to the work beginning, we are able to share and communicate some of the details pertaining to the planned projects. It is an exciting time, and we hope you will share in the excitement related to the facility improvements we are making for our kids.

Phase I: Athletic Field, Track, Event Areas, & Lighting

Improvements Include:

  • New synthetic field turf for the athletic playing surface
  • New track & event areas
  • Fencing & ADA compliant sidewalk around track surface
  • LED lighting for athletic field

Proposed Timeline: Construction is scheduled to begin 5/6/2020 and end 8/25/2020

Phase II: Early Childhood Center Construction, Renton Renovations, & Renton Addition

Improvements Include:

  • New Early Childhood Center, complete with furnishings.This includes new classrooms, library space, restrooms, kitchen, storage, & athletic gym/cafeteria.
  • Renton Renovations: Secured Entry Renovation, lockers, restrooms, PA/Clocks, drinking fountains, flooring, lighting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, exterior doors, & new roof
  • Renton Science Classrooms & Restroom Addition

Proposed Timeline: New Construction is scheduled to begin April 2020 and end May 2021. Renovations are scheduled to begin mid-June 2020 and end September 2020.

Phase III: Miller & Brown Renovations & Additions

Improvements Include:

  • Building Renovations: Secured Entry Renovation, restrooms, PA/Clocks, drinking fountains, flooring, lighting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, exterior doors, new roof, & parking renovations.
  • New Classroom Additions to each building, complete with furnishings.

Proposed Timeline: The Phase III construction scheduled is currently being planned as part of the design and development process.

Phase IV: Huron High School and Bus Garage Renovations

Improvements Include:

  • High School Building Renovations: Secured Entry Renovation, lockers, restrooms, locker rooms, PA/Clocks, drinking fountains, flooring, lighting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, exterior doors, new roof, & parking renovations.
  • Bus Garage Renovations:Restroom renovations and replacement of bus railing barrier.

Proposed Timeline: The Phase IV construction schedule is currently being planned as part of the design and development process.

Thank you Huron family and community members for your support!

Dear Huron Family and Community Members,

On behalf of the Huron School District and the Board of Education, I would like to thank you for your support of the Huron Bond Issue Proposal.

One of the great benefits of being part of this community is that we are drawn together by a sense of unity and family. That spirit has always been a presence in the school district, and it continues to work as a string to pull us closer together as a community. I am proud of our efforts, and I am excited for the students, parents, staff, and community members of Huron.

In the coming months, we will continue our planning efforts in order to get started on the work ahead. We will work hard to be good stewards of the funds needed to improve facilities and programs for our kids. Thank you again for your support, and thank you for helping us to live out our mission of being “Completely Committed to Kids!”


Donovan Rowe, Superintendent of Schools

Huron School District Bond Proposal
May 7, 2019

Hello Huron Families,

The Huron School District is committed to providing students with a safe and purposeful learning environment that meets the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of every student. As part of our pursuit toward this end, the Huron School District is proposing a bond issue that would generate $49,075,000 without increasing the tax rate or mill rate from the previous year’s levy. This means that there would be a 0% tax rate increase over 2018 and a 0% Mill increase over 2018; yet, the Huron School District will still generate over $49 million that will be used to improve the learning environment for our students.

The bond issue process began last year during our push to create a new strategic plan. Over the 2017-2018 school year, the Huron School District interacted with 28 different community and school groups in order to gather information and to develop a solid plan for the future. Based on this plan, it was clear that student safety, student growth, and quality facilities were important to our community.

As a result, the District formed a bond committee in order to explore facility needs and assess the need for a bond issue. This committee consisted of parents, community members, and employees from the school district. The committee met this school year, and at the same time, the District engaged experts to provide a facility needs assessment and student growth assessment. This information led to the creation of a comprehensive list of needs for our school district and for our school buildings. In order to address these needs and raise the necessary funds for the projects, the school district has proposed the bond issue.

We have created this website as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency. On this page, you will find information pertaining to the bond timelines, scope, and sequence. You will also find details showing what we plan to do and how we plan to spend the funds that are generated. You will also see the different examples of how funds can, and cannot, be spent. We are excited to consider the renovations, upgrades, and new construction proposed in this plan. After reviewing the building specific breakdowns, bond by building chart, FAQs, and voting information, please feel free to contact me with questions. Finally, I have scheduled four community forums pertaining to the bond issue. The forums will be held according to the following schedule. I encourage you to attend one of the forums to hear more about the bond issue proposal.

In addition, I would welcome the opportunity to come out and discuss the bond issue with a neighborhood group or school/community organization of your choice.

Thank you for helping us carry out our mission and for helping to demonstrate that we are “Completely Committed to Kids!” Thank you for your continued support and for voting on May 7, 2019.

Donovan Rowe Superintendent of Schools
Huron School District

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